Max Ruckstuhl

Academic Tutor

My love for teaching was sparked as a student at Monta Vista High School, where I taught introductory judo at my dojo. There, I found that I could take advantage of my years of experience, techniques, and mistakes to make easier the journeys of my students, who over time transformed from beginner level to confident proficiency. I also found that there was no greater joy as a teacher than the victory of my students. I later translated my teaching skills from martial arts to academics, applying them to help classmates in high school biology, chemistry, and physics.

After graduating from high school, I moved south to San Diego for college. I graduated from UCSD with degrees in Physiology & Neuroscience and Psycholinguistics & Cognition, exploring a wide range of subjects related to the brain. My favorite class was genetics, and so I served as a TA for this course numerous times. I later branched out into teaching molecular biology and statistics, and I discovered the fun and reward in helping my students engage with interesting material.

Teaching is an act of communication. In my head is a rich, interconnected map of concepts and checklists built over years of study. My goal as a teacher is to distill the relevant body of knowledge and impart it to my students, saving them time and effort. Make no mistake — the learning is still theirs to do. No teacher can memorize facts for the student, but I can help point out what questions to ask, what challenges to expect, and how it all fits together as a subject. By pointing my students in the right direction and journeying alongside them, I help each growing learner achieve a mastery that is uniquely his or her own.

Apart from teaching, I enjoy reading, editing, cooking, hiking, and skiing!

Subjects Tutored

Academic Statistics
Academic Chemistry
AP Chemistry
AP Statistics

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