K-8th Grade Learning Pods

Looking for support for your group of elementary or middle school students this fall?

As we move into distance learning this year, we know that our younger students will need our support! It’s crucial that they continue to stay engaged with coursework outside of the classroom, but even the most motivated students find it difficult to stay on top of independent learning.

With the increased responsibility placed on students this upcoming school year, we’re here to help them succeed!


Our K-8 learning pods:

✔ Supplement and provide classroom-style learning in the safety of your home


✔ Help students stay organized and on top of independent learning assignments


✔ Provide interaction and socialization with peers

Options for K-8th Grade In-Home Small Group Classes

K-8 Homework Club


  • This is the best option if your group is participating distance learning through your school.
  • The instructor will support students with schoolwork, either with a broader multi-subject focus or more targeted support for 1-2 subjects.
  • Can be adapted for a wider range of ages in the same group (broader age ranges will result in more general support).

K-8 Homeschool Pod


  • This is the best option if your group is homeschooling this year.
  • Parents should plan on working within a homeschool system, which will provide curriculum that the instructor will use to support students’ learning.
  • To allow for more targeted instruction, students will need to be within 2 grade levels of each other and be either all elementary school or all middle school grades.

K-8 Small Group Logistics


In-home tutoring rates

Groups of 3-6 students: $40/hour/student

Groups of 2 students: $60/hour/student


Virtual tutoring rates

Groups of 3-8 students: $30/hour/student

Groups of 2 students: $45/hour/student

Schedule of Fall Terms


Term 1 (6 weeks): Aug. 16th – Sept. 26**

Term 2 (6 weeks): Sept. 27th – Nov. 7th

Term 3 (6 weeks): Nov. 8th – Dec. 19th


**week of Aug. 16th – 22nd is free of charge

Requirements for K-8 Small Groups

  • Groups of 2 or 3 students must sign up for 6 hours minimum/week (or 36 hours minimum per term — 30 hours for Term 1, which has a free week included at the beginning).
  • Groups of 4 or more may do any number of hours per week.
  • In-home groups are capped at 6 students; virtual groups are capped at 8 students.
  • Payment is due in full up front for each 6-week term.
  • In-home pods must follow guidelines as set by the county (e.g. face masks, social distancing, outdoor classroom space preferred, etc).

K-8 Small Group FAQs

Can AJ Tutoring accommodate requests that don't perfectly fit the homework club or homeschool pod models?

Please give us a call at (650) 331-3251 to discuss! We want to be flexible and support families’ educational arrangements whenever possible.

Can I interview the tutor prior to starting the club/pod?

We can arrange for a 15-30 minute online call with the tutor prior to the start of lessons so that all parents have an opportunity to meet the tutor. One of our K-8 academic leaders will participate in the meeting to help answer logistical questions.

One of the benefits of working with AJ Tutoring to set up your pod is that you’ll have access to the resources of a larger organization with 15 years’ experience in private education. If you have questions or feedback about how the pod is going, we’d be happy to talk with you and explore options!

What if a student (or instructor) gets sick or is exposed to Covid?

If anyone in the pod is sick or exposed, student or teacher, then the entire pod will meet virtually on a temporary basis. If the teacher is sick and cannot teach, we will provide a substitute instructor to maintain continuity.

What materials do students need to have available?

Students need to bring pencils, binders, paper, textbooks, whiteboards, markers, erasers…anything they would use in a classroom, plus whiteboards, essentially! We’ll provide grade-level materials lists upon sign-up. The pod host should plan to provide an easel, if possible, to assist with instruction.

Interested in K-8th grade learning pods?

We’d love to talk with you about options for small group classes for your student!

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