Cancer Biology

Cancer has become one of the most intriguing and complex problems in modern medicine. What actually is cancer? What causes it? How does it affect the body? What can be done about it? This course is designed to help students develop a foundation to answer all of these questions and to ask questions of their own.

Locations: Menlo Park

Cost: $110

Recommended hours: 12-15


  • Gain an understanding of the biology of cancer and its causes
  • Learn about current and future cancer treatments
  • Develop an understanding of certain cellular processes that regulate division, repair, and maintenance
  • Learn how scientists over the ages have used observations and developed experiments to further our understanding of cancer

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Course Description:

Siddhartha Mukherjee called cancer “The Emperor of All Maladies,” and as we learn more about cancer, we begin to realize just how complex of disease it is. This course will provide students with a strong understanding of these complexities. On a cellular level we will discuss concepts such as tumor suppressor genes, oncogenes, viruses, and chromosomal instability. On an organismal and population level, we will discuss how cancer spreads, why certain groups are more likely to develop certain kinds of cancers, and current and future cancer treatment options. A significant part of this course will also focus on the history of our understanding of cancer and will educate students about the scientific process. This course is ideal for students interested in cell/human biology and medicine, or those who are just curious about the complexities of cancer.

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