Chemistry for Fun

Do you find chemistry boring or intimidating? Do you want to build your quantitative skills and understand the molecular world through playful exploration? Become a chemistry nerd while making ice cream, art, and graphs!

Locations: Burlingame, Danville, Lafayette, In-Home.

Cost: $120/hr

Recommended hours: 10-12


  • Develop an understanding of matter and energy through hands-on experiments
  • Learn to keep a laboratory notebook
  • Practice the types of calculations that you’ll encounter in an AP or college chemistry course
  • Learn to plot and interpret data

To Enroll Call (650) 331-3251 / (408) 345–5200


Course Description:

Students perform a series of six hands-on labs designed to get them thinking on the molecular scale. We will make ice cream, investigate local air quality data, and explore the cyanotype printing process. Students will learn to make hypotheses, keep a neat and detailed laboratory notebook, and analyze the results of experiments. We will tackle some challenging concepts and calculations together, all while creating tasty/pretty things and having a good time!

Make the Most of the Summer!

Students who stay actively engaged in the learning process during the summer perform better during the school year.

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