Dante’s Inferno

It is often considered to be the preeminent work of Italian literature. Jorge Luis Borges called it “the best book literature has achieved.” This course will teach how one man revolutionized Western literature and explore the themes of his work. Let’s enter the first part of the Divine Comedy; let’s enter Inferno.

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Recommended hours: 12


  • Learn about the literary significance of Dante Alighieri and his influence on Western literature
  • Expand critical thinking skills and increase confidence reading older texts
  • Learn about Ancient Greco-Roman and Medieval philosophy
  • Compose a college-level essay requiring close textual analysis

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Course Description:

It is hard to overemphasize the significance that Dante Alighieri had on Western literature. Despite being written in the 14th century, his Divine Comedy continues to fascinate and educate readers today. In a single work, Dante touches on numerous topics ranging from psychology, politics, religion, ethics, society, and more. In this course, students will study the first and most famous section of the Divine Comedy—Inferno. Through close reading, discussion, and research, we will explore the complexity of Dante’s writing and what he has to say about humanity. This course is ideal for students interested in learning about Western literature and those who would like to improve their critical reading skills and literary-essay writing abilities.

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