Data Analysis Explorations in Excel

Want to learn a technological skill useful for many jobs that you may not learn in school?

Locations: Palo Alto

Cost: $130/hr.

Recommended hours: 8-12


  • Become familiar with the capabilities of Microsoft Excel
  • Learn general data analysis skills

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Course Description:

As technology has improved, more and more industries desire employees able to analyze, organize, and manipulate information and data using computers. Microsoft Excel is commonly used for such tasks, but few people learn how to use it in school. The purpose of this course to help students learn about the capabilities of Excel in an academic setting. The course can be tailored to novice or experienced Excel users.
As the name suggests, the course will emphasize analyzing data specifically within Excel. However, many of the skills acquired can be generalized to other software platforms. Students will learn to format and organize data, and will explore Excel’s analytic capabilities. In addition to Excel-specific skills, students will deal with mathematical and statistical concepts that will help them analyze data. For the most part they will be provided with data sets (e.g. sports statistics), but they will also be encouraged and expected to obtain data relevant to their particular interests.

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