Engineering Mechanics

Are you interested in mechanical, aerospace, civil, or architectural engineering? Get a taste of college-level vector mechanics!

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Cost: $130/hr

Recommended hours: 6-30


  • Preview a selection of core classes for engineering majors.
  • Apply concepts from theoretical math and physics classes to more practical problems.
  • Gain intuition about problem solving and the design of machines and mechanical structures.

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Course Description:

This course is a survey of topics from engineering courses such as statics, dynamics, and mechanics of materials. It’s a great fit for someone considering an engineering major! Topics fall into three major categories: statics, dynamics, and mechanics of materials (see full descriptions below). The course is customizable and can explore as many or as few of these topics as desired. What is actually covered is tailored to what the student is interested in and to his/her/their background in math and physics.

– Precalculus or above (content can be adjusted to student’s math level)
– Physics or above (content can be adjusted to student’s physics level)

Forces and moments using vectors; equilibrium conditions for rigid bodies; structural supports and boundary conditions; support forces in two- and three-dimensional structures; two-force members; internal forces in trusses; method of joints; method of sections; load-bearing machines.

Kinematics with calculus; normal-tangential coordinates; polar coordinates; Newton’s Second Law; air resistance; work and energy; mechanical vibrations; impulse and momentum; coefficients of restitution; oblique impacts; rotational kinematics; mass moments of inertia; rigid-body rotation; general plane motion.

Mechanics of Materials
Material properties; Hooke’s Law, stress, and strain; elasticity and plasticity; strength and stiffness; axial, torsional, shearing, and bending loads; normal and shear stress; thermal expansion; shear and bending moments; deflections of beams; buckling of columns; combined loading; structural design.

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