French Impressionism and the Birth of Modernism

People love the Impressionists, but what was so special about them? Why were they considered radicals? What can their works teach us about their world and our current one? More importantly, why is art important? This course will explore these questions by analyzing both artistic works and primary/secondary source documents.

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Cost: $110/hr.

Recommended hours: 10-12


  • Gain a greater understanding of how art can reflect cultural beliefs, trends, and ideologies
  • Develop skills interpreting primary sources, understanding scholarly texts, and analyzing works of art
  • Gain confidence using writing in order to express one’s ideas
  • Learn about the cultural and historical climate of late 19th-century Paris

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Course Description:

Art is a dynamic field: society influences artists and artists influence society. In Western art, one of the most evident periods of this relationship is in late 19th-century France with the advent of Impressionism and the birth of Modern Art. Reflecting a college-level class, this course will not only teach students names and dates, but will have students learn about the historical and cultural climate in which artwork was created. In order to achieve this, students will gain experience analyzing primary and secondary documents. Students will also gain experience in academic writing and using outside sources to strengthen their arguments and claims—an essential skill in all fields. This course is ideal for those with an interest in the arts or with a desire to strengthen their critical thinking and writing skills.

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