Greek Mythology

Have you read the Percy Jackson books? Come learn more about the Greek gods and goddesses and all their stories!

Locations: Los Gatos, Saratoga

Cost: $110/hr

Recommended hours: 10


  • analyze the stories for the origins of the main pantheon of the Greek gods and goddesses
  • analyze stories covering the major interactions between the gods and goddesses, and mortals
  • learn a brief history of Ancient Greece
  • develop critical reading and writing skills

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Course Description:

Ancient Greek mythology continues to influence art, literature, and film. In this course, students will explore the origin stories of the gods and goddesses of the Ancient Greek pantheon, including their rise after the fall of the Titans. We will focus on the key myths associated with the major gods and their interactions with mortals. Students will engage with these myths through reading, discussion, and writing tasks to develop core skills for their future classes in the humanities and social sciences.

This course will also provide students with a brief history of Ancient Greece to situate these myths in their historical context and explore the ways in which they are interwoven with the history of the time.


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