How to Succeed in High School

High school can be a difficult experience: keeping up with all the classwork and managing teenage life is a challenge. This class is designed for students who are entering 9th grade or just finished 9th or 10th grade and want to learn skills that will help them feel confident and ready to excel in high school.

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Recommended hours: 5-10


  • Learn how to get organized and manage time
  • Become an active learner
  • Develop strong study skills for tests
  • Strengthen writing skills

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Course Description:

Transitioning to high school is a major adjustment. When students have a strong foundation in study skills and content knowledge this transition becomes easier.

In this summer course, we explore seven major topics to help you gracefully transition to high school: (1) how to get organized, (2) how to manage time, (3) how to be an active learner, (4) how to study for tests, (5) how to be a strong writer, (6) how to build reading skills, and (7) how to solve problems.

We draw on material from a variety of sources and teach these skills in the context of preparing for and previewing the material you’ll encounter in your 9th grade classes. Students will be assigned projects, reading assignments and, writing assignments to practice these skills at home.

How to Succeed in High School Topics:


One of the biggest stress points for freshmen is the sudden increase in the amount of schoolwork. This heavier workload is why many students fall behind in their first year. In our course, we show students what study systems to develop to stay on track with assignments and tests.

Time Management

Most high school students haven’t yet needed to manage their own time, and it’s one of the most important skills needed to excel. We teach students how to schedule, plan, and manage their weeks so they can handle a huge course load, sport, activities, and life — while studying more effectively and getting sleep (big wins for any students!).

Becoming an Active Learner

We often see our high school students miss out on learning opportunities because they didn’t know how to approach the course. Here, we teach key in-depth strategies for effective learning for every subject.

Studying for Tests

This may be the #1 most common weakness among high school students. We teach students critical test-taking skills to become confident test-takers. We also show how to master material and how to reorganize it when prepping for tests.

Writing Skills

One challenge that becomes increasingly important in high school is having to write…a lot! In this course, we teach students the key components of great essay-writing, and how to develop and express ideas more professionally. For additional writing practice, we recommend our “Improve Your Writing” course.

Reading Skills

One challenge that becomes increasingly important in high school is having to keep up with numerous and lengthy reading assignments! We teach you the skills necessary to improve reading comprehension, reading speed, and budget time for reading assignments.

Problem Solving Strategies

The rigors of high school math and science classes can be minimize by learning basic problem solving approaches. We teach you the skills necessary to solve complex problems and excel in these challenging courses.

Make the Most of the Summer!

Students who stay actively engaged in the learning process during the summer perform better during the school year.

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