Introduction to Biotechnology

Are you excited by one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now? Are you interested in solutions to many of the greatest threats that humanity is currently facing today? Introduction to Biotechnology can be a great way to gain an understanding of this field, as well help you decide if a career in biotechnology might be right for you. 

Locations: Menlo Park

Cost: $130/hr

Recommended hours: 9-15


  • Understand the major applications of biotechnology
  • Learn the major techniques used in the biotechnology industry, with an emphasis on the introduction of foreign genes to organisms
  • Identify the types of machinery used in the industry today
  • Dive deeper into industry regulations and the history behind why they exist

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Course Description:

This course provides an overview of the theory and science behind biotechnology, as well as industry specific information. This includes the types of regulations enforced around biotechnology, ethical implications, and the different types of careers that one can pursue within this field. This course is not only a helpful introduction for students considering a career in biotechnology, but also a great primer for anyone who wants to be a more knowledgeable citizen about the technology that so greatly affects their everyday life.

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