Introduction to Economic Philosophy

Functioning economies existed for thousands of years before theorists began writing about the “dismal science” of economics. The science of wealth is still a very young discipline, only a few hundred years old. In this course we will be covering the development of this discipline, and gaining a better understanding of how people believe an economy functions.

Locations: Menlo Park, San Carlos

Cost: $110/hr.

Recommended hours: 6-12


  • Gain a good grasp of how an economy functions
  • Understand the basics of how economic thought has developed
  • Learn the “language” of economists and how to read the best economic thinkers

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Course Description:

It is important for any student who goes into any field to have a basic grasp of how the economy they are living in functions. This course aims at providing an introduction to how an economy works. It is a versatile course and can be tailored to students who are planning on becoming economics majors or to students who are merely curious about the science of economics. We will be reading Adam Smith, Karl Marx, John Keynes, and Alan Greenspan.

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