Mastering Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets: Nerdy or Amazing? How about both? The perfect tool to merge numbers and narratives, spreadsheets may look complicated, but some basic tricks will have you customizing them to answer any questions you have about data. Come master the ins and outs of spreadsheets!

Locations: Online, Los Gatos, Menlo Park, Saratoga

Cost: $110-$150/hr

Recommended hours: 9-24


  • Develop familiarity working with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or both
  • Learn through projects driven by the student’s interests
  • Master using spreadsheets to enumerate and organize verbal information and assign values to that information
  • Develop techniques for making spreadsheets increasingly informative and adaptive

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Course Description:

Students will learn how to utilize spreadsheets in Excel or Google Sheets to organize data and verbal information, compute values, and create graphics and charts, while pursuing their own interests and motivations.

Students will select a target project through which to develop their skills. Example projects include a budget for personal finances, a priority-driven schedule with embedded ways to track our progress towards our goals over time, and a simple to do list with metrics.

As students develop their confidence with the various functions of these spreadsheets, we can dive into a more advanced project, such as a valuation of a financial proposition or enterprise; creation of pivot tables, import data and run regressions; building and managing a Fantasy Football roster; or planning out a vacation.

Whatever our project, students will walk away with this course able to effectively use the varied and powerful tools spreadsheets offer.

Make the Most of the Summer!

Students who stay actively engaged in the learning process during the summer perform better during the school year.

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