Math in Art

Explore the intimate connection between math and art! Improve your shading, perspective and design through mathematical concepts. Use art to practice mathematical concepts such as parallel lines, proportions and angles.

Locations: San Jose, Los Gatos

Cost: $100/hr.

Recommended hours: 6


  • Develop artistic techniques of shading through the exploration of angles
  • Use scale drawing to enhance mathematical and artistic concepts of proportions
  • Analyze and apply the concept of parallel lines to create compositions with deeper perspective

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Course Description:

Students who love art or math separately will love this hands on course designed to help review mathematical skills while developing artistic techniques! In this course, students will create a portfolio of different artistic techniques and explain the mathematical concepts behind those techniques. Students will analyze art work as well as create original pieces of their own. The course will start in an exploration of perspective using parallel lines, then move into types of shading using angle explorations and will conclude with a full composition piece using scale models. After each session, expect your student to be able to show you a new concept in their portfolio AND fully explain the math behind the art.

This course is great for students who struggle in math, who love math, who do not consider themselves artists or who are aspiring artists!

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