Multivariable Calculus

What happens after AP Calculus? More advanced math involves more than one variable— this course is ideal for students who will pursue science or math-based majors in college.

Locations: Online, Lafayette, Los Gatos, Palo Alto

Cost: $140/hr

Recommended hours: 12


  • Learn limits in two variables
  • Derivatives and integrals in two variables
  • Multivariable optimization problems

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Course Description:

The AP Calculus curriculum introduces students to differential and integral calculus of real functions of one variable. Many disciplines including physics, engineering, and economics utilize calculus to model “real-life” situations; however, these scenarios often have multiple variables. This course will extend the results from single variable functions to multi-variable functions, and will examine applications to other disciplines along the way. The course is aimed at students who have already taken one year of introductory calculus and are considering a quantitative major in college.

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