Probability and Statistics

Probability and statistics influence everything from economics to games to decision-making. Get a great intro to AP Statistics while learning how probability can help YOU!

Locations: San Jose, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Woodside

Cost: $100/hr.

Recommended hours: 10-12


  • Learn about probability and data interpretation
  • Get ready for AP Statistics
  • Have a better foundation in probability theory for statistics studies

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Course Description:

AJ Tutoring’s Probability and Statistics course will introduce the student to probability and statistics. Topics will include elementary set theory, conditional probability, random variables, probability distributions, regressions, and a preview of inferential statistics. We will cover various topics that a student can expect to see in an AP Statistics course, and as such this class would serve as an excellent primer.

However, we will also cover material that students would not typically see in a high school math course, with a greater focus on probability to help students truly understand the application of AP Statistics material.

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