Reading Body Language

Today’s social atmosphere can be wildly challenging to navigate! What does it all mean? Find out how others are feeling and how to use the universal language of our bodies to improve communication!

Locations: Online, San Jose

Cost: $110/hr

Recommended hours: 4.5-6


  • Understand the benefits and limitations of knowing how to read body language
  • Identify open versus closed body language
  • Identify and interpret macro and micro expressions
  • Master mirroring and closed macro expressions to show interest or disinterest

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Course Description:

Navigating today’s social atmosphere can be wildly challenging! This course will help students enhance their communication and understanding while learning about body language. Students will learn about two types of body language: macro and micro expressions. While exploring macro expressions, we’ll cover topics like why crossing your legs can be a sign of disinterest and what different standing and sitting positions imply about the person’s interest and comfort level. In micro expressions, we’ll explore the seven universal facial expressions, what they mean, and how to identify them. We will also learn strategies to subconsciously build rapport with others and to subtly let them know if you’d like to leave. Communication is difficult, but reading body language is an important tool in everyone’s communication toolbox.

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