Reading Shakespeare

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?” Shakespearean texts are crucial components of the AP English Language and Lit curriculum. This class will provide specific methods for reading and understanding Shakespearean text.

Locations: San Jose, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Woodside, San Carlos, San Mateo

Cost: $100/hr.

Recommended hours: 10-15


  • Understand, analyze, and develop arguments regarding Shakespearean texts
  • Increase confidence in discussing Shakespeare
  • Translate methods of analysis and discussion into increased performance in AP English Language and Literature classes

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Course Description:

Oftentimes, students cringe when they realize they have to read Shakespeare in their English class. This course will help students realize how accessible Shakespeare can be if framed in the right context. Taught by a UC Berkeley grad who has experience writing, speaking, and performing Shakespeare, this class will make Shakespeare fun, exciting, and engaging. Students should expect to come out of the session with an increased confidence in interpreting and understanding Shakespeare. This class also prepares students for AP English Language and Lit as Shakespeare is sure to be covered.

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