The American Horror Film

Do you love things that go bump in the night? Thrills and chills? Let’s analyze the history and production of the uniquely terrifying American horror film, it’s place in our popular culture, and what horror reflects back at the viewer.

Locations: Online, Menlo Park

Cost: $140/hr

Recommended hours: 7


  • Reflect on how horror films mirror fears and anxieties of culture
  • Explore the connection between film and media and real-world events
  • Learn to identify themes, motifs, and symbolism in the arts
  • Develop mastery over argumentative essay writing

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Course Description:

Horror knows no borders or boundaries, yet the American horror film has a distinctive style, voice, and vision that sets it apart from the stodgy British Gothic or the brilliant technicolor Italian horror. The boundless imagination of horror allows for artists and creators to explore the world around them in unique ways and shine a light on the creepy underbelly of American society. In this course, students will explore spooky movies and learn about the cultural anxieties that surround us.

Along with watching interesting movies and discussing their cultural context and impact, students will develop their argumentative and analytical writing skills. Students will develop their grasp of symbolism and theme, learn how to write criticism and argumentative papers, and develop their comfort with integrating evidence into their essay work. This course will cover films spanning several decades, starting with silent film and ending with the current trend in modern American horror: folk horror.

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