The History of Evolution: From Darwin to Dobzhansky

People often state that Charles Darwin revolutionized the field of biology. The theory of evolution, however, did not begin or end with Darwin. In reality, scientists built upon and refuted each other’s ideas and led to the creation of a theory that can explain every aspect of the biological world. This course will discuss the evolution of the Theory of Evolution and explore how it has influenced and continues to influence the modern world.

Locations: Menlo Park

Cost: $110

Recommended hours: 9


  • Develop a strong understanding of evolutionary biology and the future of the field
  • Learn about the scientific process and how scientists created experiments and developed theories based upon observations
  • Gain confidence reading and critiquing scholarly scientific articles and texts
  • Gain experience understanding the effects that scientific developments can have on society

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Course Description:

Theodosius Dobzhansky wrote an essay titled “Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution.” Nothing is more true than this statement, as evolution provides the foundational principle of biology. This course will educate students about the Theory of Evolution and how it has changed over time. Topics will include evolution, genetics, ecology, modern synthesis, and genetic engineering. Students will get experience reading scholarly articles and books from numerous different time periods and learning about the scientific process. Along with learning about biological principles and how scientists conduct research, students will learn about the effects that scientific discoveries can have on society and ethical concerns that current scientific developments pose.

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