What Makes a Video Game? Thinking, Talking, and Writing About the Games You Love

Have you ever wondered what makes a videogame fun instead of boring? Do you enjoy talking about games with friends–not just playing them? The last decade and a half has seen an explosion of thoughtful and fascinating game analysis; in this course, you will read (and watch) some of this analysis and learn how to think and write about how games are put together!

Locations: Burligame, San Mateo

Cost: $110/hr

Recommended hours: 8


  • Become familiar with core game design and analysis principles.
  • Develop key critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Compose a thoughtful, written analysis on a game of your choice.

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Course Description:

This course aims to teach students how to think and write about media in a deeper way by examining video games from a critical and analytical standpoint. Students will read notable analyses of popular video games, geared towards games the student is familiar with, with the goal being to develop a vocabulary of major game design concepts seen across all games. Students will ultimately apply this vocabulary (in addition to original ideas they may bring to the table) to articulate their own thoughts about their favorite (or least favorite) games, with the end goal of producing a written, analytical piece on a game that they can feel proud of!

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