World War I

Are you a history buff who can’t get enough of the action scenes? Have you ever wanted to delve deeper into one of the most important turning points of modern international history? Sharpen your historical mind on one of the most contentiously debated events in history!

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Cost: $100/hr.

Recommended hours: 6


  • Learn the background causes of some of the most important events in history
  • Develop skills in critical analysis, including evidence gathering, essay writing, and discussion
  • Work in a learning environment closely resembling a college seminar

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Course Description:

We are currently passing through the centenary of World War I, one of the most deadly conflicts in human history. Yet, one hundred years later, few take the time to think about the conflict that was largely responsible for shaping the map of the world for the next one hundred years. This 1-on-1 history tutorial will challenge students to reexamine their beliefs about the causes, nature, and effects of this conflict. This class is designed to help students develop new knowledge, and to refine their approaches to history. Special emphasis will be placed on working with the students to follow their own curiosities about study, and developing new ways to approach evidence and arguments. As we come to understand the conflict further, students will be encouraged to develop their own college-level research paper.

World War I was thought to be the “War to End All Wars.” Though later history proved this moniker false, it is no less our duty to understand the nature of this deadly conflict, and how pertinent its causes remain today.

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