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College Support Through AJ!

As the end of summer approaches, you might find yourself getting your student set up for freshman year of college. Dorms are being decorated, schedules have been set, and books are all purchased. You and your student have been preparing for the first day of college since they started high! ... Read More


AJ Subject Spotlight: Economics

At the AJ Economics Department, we take joy in one-to-one tutoring. This is the most valuable method of pedagogy, once reserved exclusively for elite families of a bygone era. But ever since Aaron and Joe founded our company 12 years ago, everyone has access to it now. Ours is a thoroughly ... Read More



With summer drawing to a close sooner rather than later, the time has come to think about the exciting opportunities and challenges that come with the start of the school year. One of the most exciting opportunities in our opinion is the October PSAT. The PSAT is that first glimpse into the ... Read More


AJ Spotlight: Chelsea Greene

Welcome back to another team member spotlight here at AJ Tutoring! This week we wanted to highlight the amazing contributions of the one and only Chelsea Greene! Our head blog writer sat down with Chelsea to learn more about the work she does at AJ. Interviewer: Hi Chelsea! Thank you ... Read More

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