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AJ Subject Spotlight: Economics


At the AJ Economics Department, we take joy in one-to-one tutoring. This is the most valuable method of pedagogy, once reserved exclusively for elite families of a bygone era. But ever since Aaron and Joe founded our company 12 years ago, everyone has access to it now. Ours is a thoroughly modern 21st-century practice, aided by the latest technology, but still centered around that most vitally important element in pedagogy―the partnership between a young mind curious to learn and a passionate teacher with deep knowledge of her subject, driven every day by her desire to spread that knowledge. In our department, we love Economics, this subtle, mysterious, yet ever so sophisticated and beautiful subject of ours. But we are also teachers who love to teach.

The how in Economics is just as important as the why! With a one-to-one approach we are able to provide our students with why marginal returns to capital diminish as it accumulates. The traders of all the ancient river valley civilizations―Yangtze, Indus, Tigris-Eurphrates, Nile―found that the crop harvests they invested in did grow in quantity every season, but with every new season, they grew by lesser and lesser amounts. At first glance this may not seem like important aspects of learning economics but we see the value of building deep levels of content knowledge to carry our students through every level of their educational journey.

At the AJ Economics department, we teach Economics, but we also teach it in ways customized to each individual student’s mind and passions and interests. Teaching capital and convergence dynamics and depreciation are just a small part of what we do as an AJ Tutor. We strive to get our students to think beyond the words in the textbook and develop a passion for their subjects. 
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