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Support with AJ Doesn’t Stop on Graduation Day!

Imagine that your student has worked with an AJ Expert for high school and maybe even throughout middle school, and now they have officially graduated! With that comes a new level of excitement and uncertainty, this new chapter of their academic journey begins. College is a brave new world full ... Read More


Debunking the Myths and Emphasizing the Facts

A frequently circulated notion in recent years has been the declining value of a college degree. However, a new analysis by the Institution for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) presents a contrary narrative, solidifying the importance and worth of higher education. According to this comprehensive ... Read More


Is Your Future Middle Schooler Ready?

While we are all enjoying our summer vacation and the pace that this season of life affords us, the school year will pick back up sooner rather than later. With that our rising sixth graders are facing the greatest transition and challenge that they have faced to date. They are going to be ... Read More


Keep Reading with AJ!

Want to get your child reading this summer, but aren’t sure where to start? Check out these recommendations from our AJ Team! For being the head of our Biology Department, Ryan Li has a passion for fiction books! Nieka Bright Ph.D has loved the Nancy Drew Series ever since she ... Read More

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