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Is Your Future Middle Schooler Ready?


While we are all enjoying our summer vacation and the pace that this season of life affords us, the school year will pick back up sooner rather than later. With that our rising sixth graders are facing the greatest transition and challenge that they have faced to date. They are going to be moving from the safety and comfort of their elementary school campus and classrooms to the new environment of middle school. Transitioning from one classroom with one teacher to multiple classes with multiple teachers and different kids in every single class. Juggling after school commitments such as sports and clubs as well as the influx of homework, this first year of middle school is a make it or break it year for students. Are you already starting to get nervous? So are your students! Let’s break down our biggest recommendations for rising sixth graders starting this summer!

  • Make sure your student has the necessary math skills they need to be successful by signing up for a Middle School Math Bootcamp
  • Help them build the foundational middle school skills they may not know that they need by checking out our Middle School Skills course!
  • Once the school year starts, continue to work with an academic tutor who can support them in specific areas of difficulty as well as continue to grow their study skills. Developing study skills now helps your students throughout middle school and sets them up for success in high school!

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