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Keep Reading with AJ!


Want to get your child reading this summer, but aren’t sure where to start? Check out these recommendations from our AJ Team!

  • For being the head of our Biology Department, Ryan Li has a passion for fiction books!
  • Nieka Bright Ph.D has loved the Nancy Drew Series ever since she was young!
  • Looking for something fun and unusual for your student? The head of our Woodside office, Rachel, always recommends A Series of Unfortunate Events to her students.
  • Middle School students would enjoy the Inkheart Trilogy, and the Madeline series would be ideal for younger students according to Dana Francis.
  • Peggy Anderson, personally recommends the Artemis Fowl series or the His Dark Materials series for her students with a passion for fantastical adventures!
  • Jessica Embrey and Katie Quach-Noice recommended some of their favorite authors such as Roald Dahl, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Terry Pratchet, and Louis Sachar!
  • Is your child showing an interest in poetry? Then don’t sleep on anything written by Shel Silverstein says HWY 9 Director Christina Coravos

These books, and so many more are out there waiting to be discovered. Waiting to inspire your student and ignite their passion for reading. All it takes is one great story to kick off a lifetime of adventures, and an AJ Tutor is standing by to help guide your students through this next step of their journey! Ready to start a lifelong reading adventure? Call a Director today to meet an academic tutor who can act as your students guide!


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