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Orchestrate Your Perfect Symphony


Supporting our students in all their endeavors is what we do best at AJ Tutoring. That means providing the best academic tutoring to help students achieve a strong understanding of the topics they’re learning in school, as well as preparing them for the rigors of standardized exams like the AP and SAT Subject tests that go hand in hand with their classes.

My name is Robert Jonas, and I serve as the Academic Dean at AJ Tutoring. My role is to train and support our tutors so they may best guide our students through the various academic and test preparation challenges that come up in high school. I also provide leadership through our monthly themes — rallying and focusing our team on many of the critical functions they perform throughout the school year.


AJ Calendar Poster February 2019


In February, our theme is “A Beautiful State of Harmony,” which is a reminder how intertwined all of our efforts are here at AJ to provide the best care for our students. Many clients come to us seeking help preparing for exams, while others were referred our way for academic support. Most are pleasantly surprised that our amazing team of tutors provides both! A long term commitment to our students’ success is our primary goal.

What does that mean at this time of year? For many high school students, the current focus is the upcoming AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests. AJ has developed a robust test preparation program around these standardized exams, and nearly all of our students have benefitted from the test taking expertise we have developed with them in these offerings. With these programs, it is our goal to help students take another important step forward in the college application process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help your student navigate the test taking process!

Personally, I have been amazed by the work ethic, progress, and achievements that I have witnessed through the years in working with Bay Area students. I take great pride in helping students achieve the grades they want in their chemistry classes, especially when it can boost their GPAs, but I’ve been so pleased to see how many of them have parlayed that knowledge to earn top scores on the AP and SAT Subject Chemistry exams.

AJ Tutoring was built on the care and expertise of our educators. Emphasizing a 1-on-1 format and customized support, we help each of our students maximize his or her potential in class and on test day. Starting early with the end in mind and utilizing AJ’s knowledge of the process are vital to planning for a successful spring. You can “orchestrate your perfect symphony” today, and enjoy the beautiful music for the rest of the school year.


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