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How to Get a Head Start on Fall Semester


Summer is in full swing, but the first day of school will be here before you know it!

Here at AJ Tutoring, we are working with thousands of students over the summer to prepare for upcoming tests like the PSAT, SAT, and ACT; to enrich understanding of core subjects like chemistry, math and US History; and to deep dive into a host of diverse curricula that you can learn more about here.

Because many students find their schedules jam-packed when fall comes around, it often benefits those who have a bit of time towards the end of summer (even a few free weeks) to come in to AJ Tutoring, refresh the mind, and get a preview of upcoming content.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help your student prepare for fall semester, please give us a call today!

Read on to find a few examples of how you can make the most of the last precious weeks of summer.

#1: Sharpen your math skills with our middle school math boot camp

Students can forget a lot over summer break! Help your student keep math skills fresh.


  • Review basic problem-solving skills and arithmetic
  • Learn how to apply basic concepts to new types of problems
  • Break down and solve word problems

#2: Transition to AP Biology with our AP Biology summer bridge

Is your student feeling unprepared for her upcoming AP Biology course? Let AJ Tutoring give your student an edge this summer.


  • Introduce students to key concepts tested in AP Biology courses
  • Acquaint students with the question styles, grading standards, and pacing of the AP exam

#3 Bring out the inner Shakespeare with our Creative Writing: Poetry course

Do you enjoy crafting poetry in your spare time but wonder where to go from there? Come hone your writing under the guidance of an experienced creative writing instructor and prepare a portfolio of poems for self-publication and submission.


  • Focus on intensive writing and development of poetry
  • Encourage and develop the work of aspiring writers while they formalize their ideas and voice
  • Prepare a personal portfolio of writing for self-publishing and submission to contests or student journals

#4 Get a head start on a dense curriculum with our AP US History primer

Worried about your student’s difficult and time-consuming AP US History class? Let AJ Tutoring give her an edge this summer!


  • Give students a strong foundation in the content of the class (especially early American history)
  • Bolster critical APUSH skills such as note-taking, essay-writing, reading, and historical thinking
  • Help students complete any summer reading and writing exercises assigned by their teachers

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