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Keep Reading with AJ!

Want to get your child reading this summer, but aren’t sure where to start? Check out these recommendations from our AJ Team! For being the head of our Biology Department, Ryan Li has a passion for fiction books! Nieka Bright Ph.D has loved the Nancy Drew Series ever since she was! ... Read More


Become a Holiday Reading Champion

With colder temperatures comes school vacation and a time for students (and parents!) to unwind a little bit. Here at AJ Tutoring we love using this time to plan some fun activities or curl up with a great book. If your “To Be Read” shelf is a little out of control like ours is, or you want ... Read More


School Year Reading List

With most of our students already back in the full swing of the school year, their just for fun books are most likely getting placed back on the shelf. Reading is not something that should be saved for school breaks. It continuously helps improve students' vocabulary and comprehension skills. To ... Read More


AJ Subject Spotlight: English

Summer time…and reading should be easy for your students! The summer is a crucial time for the English student. Not only do our students need some time to relax and rejuvenate, but they also need to stay in mental shape. They need to continue to exercise their mind and critical thinking skills ... Read More

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