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Let’s Talk Private School Admissions!


Private school admissions are just around the corner, and the landscape is as fluid as college admissions these days! Thankfully, here at AJ Tutoring, we offer support in preparation for the SSAT, ISEE, and the HSPT. But our experts don’t stop there! Here at AJ we have identified the recent shift from an emphasis on standardized testing and how well students test, to focusing more on how students will fit in and thrive in a specific school’s culture. This is very similar to the shift in college admissions to focus more heavily on admission essays, and most schools retain their pandemic policy of “test-blind or test optional”. That is where our Proctored Writing Sample and 1-on-1 Interview Coaching steps in. In addition to strengthening your students’ math, grammar, and test taking skills we work with your students to improve their writing skills through targeted practice and coaching. Proctored writing, and overall strong writing skills will be critical for their long term academic success. Interviewing is another skill that will follow your students and play a role in their life for years to come, so it is important to develop and strengthen those skills early. The skills that your student will develop in their 1:1 tutoring sessions will help them develop a strong application for their chosen schools, and it will give them stronger academic foundations as they prepare to make the transition into middle school or high school. These are also skills that they can draw upon down the road as they approach college admissions season! So set your student up for immediate  and long term success by calling a director and connecting with a 1:1 tutor today!


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