Alex Zharchuk

Academic Tutor

I first encountered the magic of tutoring while studying at San Francisco State. I desperately needed help with calculus, so I attended a supplemental course taught by tutors. I loved the experience and, thanks to the tutors that helped me, I overcame my fear of math. I learned so much that I decided to become a math tutor myself: I wanted to continue their legacy. 

I received my bachelor’s degree in microbiology from San Francisco State and began working towards a master’s degree in biostatistics at Cal State East Bay. A very important lesson from my educational career was learning to ask for help, even if I didn’t believe I needed it. It’s easy to underestimate the impact that other people have on our lives and the new perspectives that they can offer us. 

Mathematics is very satisfying to me, but in high school, I thought it was sterile and boring. I have learned that it is important to tie mathematical concepts to students’ personal interests when teaching new concepts. Without real world visualizations and relevance, students struggle to find any meaning in mathematical abstractions. I hope to help my students an appreciation for the subject, as I did.

I began tutoring at San Francisco State, where I also had the opportunity to be a project lead. Working at SFSU’s TASC, I learned to approach the many personalities and learning styles. I also learned that tutoring isn’t about how many answers you know: it’s about knowing how to activate an effective learning process. Students need to learn how to learn.

Because I know what it’s like to struggle in math classes, feel a lack of support, and fear the unknown that comes with learning, my goal is always for my students to leave their tutoring sessions with a sense of personal empowerment and accomplishment. I try to do this by understanding the students personality and interests, and breaking down abstract topics in a manner that is digestible to them.

When I’m not obsessing over environmental data, I make electronic music and pursue my passion for sound design.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Biology
Academic Statistics
AP Biology
AP Statistics


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