Anne Flintgruber

Academic Tutor

My love for science started early. My mother used to read science articles to me before I could read them myself. As I grew, my father, a university chemistry professor, instilled in me a love of both chemistry and teaching. During my senior year of high school in central Illinois, I elected to take English class at the local community college so I had space in my schedule for more physics and chemistry classes. Throughout grade school and high school, I received help from tutors that allowed me to express the potential I had. Their help kept me loving and appreciating science and math throughout the frustrations of learning them. I continued to study chemistry and computer science at Knox College, also in central Illinois, before coming to the Bay Area.

Throughout my research and academic experiences, the most exciting and interesting times were when I had a chance to present, explain, and teach. Communicating my fascination with science and helping others understand is a challenge I relish every time. I want to give other students the chance I had to make schoolwork work for them.

I’ve learned to communicate in several arenas, including captaining my high school speech team as well as my high school and college quiz bowl teams. I always enjoyed the chance to help my friends with any chemistry questions they’ve had during school.  I began tutoring as a source of employment while I was in college, where I worked as a peer tutor for students with accommodations. I’ve used all these opportunities to further my own tutoring philosophies.

My tutoring philosophy prioritizes meeting the student where they are, and then building a system they can use themselves. Being able to create a framework they can return to, even outside of our time together, is my final goal. I strive to understand as precisely as I can what understanding the student already has and how to build from it. A methodical approach can help provide ways to become unstuck when students are frustrated, and building those methods is what I strive to help with.

In my free time, I particularly enjoy tabletop role playing games, writing, and baking.


Subjects Tutored:

Academic Chemistry
Academic Physics
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2


Happy Parents and Students

 "For physics, I was having trouble with the equations and when to use what so we did a lot of practice. Finding out different strategies for the test itself and finding quicker ways to solve problems was very helpful."  Read what others are saying

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