Arani Acharya

Academic Tutor

I have been captivated with atoms and equations since I was a young lad in Phoenix, and I first started tutoring high school and college students in physics and mathematics while an undergraduate in the UC Berkeley physics department. As an applied physics PhD student at Stanford, I was able to further explore my love of teaching as a TA and had the opportunity to be trained in active learning methods from the Center for Teaching and Learning. I am passionate about teaching and have years of experience and familiarity with introductory concepts.

Students learn best when they teach themselves how to solve problems through mistakes and experiences that trigger those “Aha!” moments when a concept is cemented in the mind. I help students figure things out for themselves by being an active guide and resource while solving problems, helping them identify patterns and themes and identifying areas of weakness. Additionally, I relate concepts to higher topics and current areas of research to help students understand how the material they are learning translates into our lives.

In addition to teaching concepts, I support students in mastering the art of test taking, including through developing their time management practices both during the exam and during their studying. I have worked with students from a wide variety of backgrounds and have honed explanations of complex ideas in simple terms, allowing me to accommodate students with a range of academic strengths and familiarities. I learn from my students as much as they learn from me; 1-on-1 sessions allow me to build a rapport with a student, learn their unique needs, and tailor sessions accordingly.

Outside of the classroom and the lab, I love baking, listening to heavy metal, and reading history books.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Calculus
Academic Economics
Academic Geometry
Academic Physics
Academic Pre-Calculus
Academic Study Skills
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2
AP Physics C






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