Asef Islam

Academic Tutor

Technology has been a longtime passion of mine. From an early age, I was fascinated by understanding the natural world and biological life as well as by the art of mathematics and the process of building systems and tools for augmenting human efficiency. Thus, prior to beginning college, I debated between pursuing a career in medicine or engineering.

In the end, I reconciled the two by selecting a double major at Johns Hopkins in biomedical engineering and computer science. I chose a focus area in biomedical data science to bridge my two majors and conducted research in computational biology and automated disease diagnosis using image processing and machine learning. I was fortunate to continue my education in the form of a master’s degree in computer science at Stanford.

I have had a range of experiences in both academia and industry. My research work has led to several journal and conference publications in machine learning and computer vision. I have also worked on a design team where we developed a patented extendable needle, and my internship and work experience has ranged from R&D and automation engineering to consulting and software development.

My teaching experience ranges from being a TA for introductory computer science classes to tutoring independently. My goal is always to serve as a mentor and valuable resource for my students, to provide them with the skills, understanding, and motivation they need to succeed. I aim to pay forward all the help that I’ve received from mentors throughout my life!

In my free time, I enjoy soccer and basketball, snowboarding, cars, and video games, and I love to talk with students about their interests as well!

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Computer Science
Academic Geometry
AP Computer Science A


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