Brian Liu

Academic Tutor

After graduating from Leland High School, I decided to pursue my undergrad at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Upon graduating with a degree in history, I took the opportunity to pursue my passion for teaching, which began in high school when I spent a summer teaching at a middle school in Taiwan. I went on to spend several summers teaching at a domestic Taiwanese culture camp, and during the school year, I was able teach online.

I love studying history because I love learning about our world. While I enjoy learning about cultures around the globe, I am particularly passionate about post-World War II Japan up to the 1990s/2000s and the Roaring 20s in the US.

My teaching philosophy is that students don’t all fit under one umbrella. As students and their learning styles vary from one another, the idea of a common approach to material must be supplemented with individualized support. I apply my own experiences in high school and college in my teaching methods to provide advice, teach study and test taking skills, and my tutoring approach so that it is catered towards each student.

While education today is often results oriented, the process to achieve the results is just as important. Success requires investing effort and time, but I also believe that a balance is important to promoting students’ health and success. I work to students to meet their goals while considering the other demands on their time to craft study plans that truly work for them.

Outside of reading up on the news and making lesson plans, I play video games and enjoy learning new skills and trying to better myself on a day to day basis.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic US History
AP US History


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