Brian Pesner

Academic Tutor

I love helping students through their struggles and toward their goals. Until college, I had never considered teaching as a career path, but the instructor of one of my very first college-level math classes saw the potential and encouraged me.

I completed my education here in the South Bay, from Bubb Elementary, through Graham and Blach Middle Schools, to Mountain View High. I then attended San Jose State University, where I majored in mechanical engineering. 

Natural curiosity led me to interest in science at a young age, and in science I discovered the applicability of mathematics. The ability to find answers to complex questions about nature in numerical formats has always been fully amazing to me. Why do ice skaters spin faster when they pull their limbs in closer? How do the planets move in relation to one another? What does electricity moving through a powerline look like? There is math hidden at the answer to these and so many other questions, and I love finding it and I love helping others to see it.

I gained experience during college tutoring students through a self-paced, introduction to mathematics class and assisting in a special needs class, before branching out into private, in-home tutoring services. 1-on-1 instruction is my favorite ways to teach because of the deep bond with and understanding of students I gain through interacting on a personal level and coaching them through their ongoing education.

Application of the socratic method is my go-to strategy for tutoring: I use probing questions to both assess students’ progress and limitations, and to guide them toward finding answers for themselves. This develops critical thinking skills that are invaluable long term.

Some of my additional interests include practicing yoga and fencing, playing piano, participating in karaoke and group storytelling, and playing video games and board games. In addition, during the fall I teach fencing lessons to total beginners at Renaissance Faire.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Geometry
Academic K-8
Academic Study Skills


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