Daisy Urisar

Academic Tutor

As a first-generation Latina student, education was my path to opportunity. Growing up, my mother encouraged me to be a doctor or engineer, but I decided to be an educator the moment I realized how powerful education could be.

I was born and raised in Southeast Los Angeles, attending schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District throughout my K-12 educational years. I studied at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and earned a bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in education. As I was growing up, higher education seemed impossible at times, but I was very fortunate to find support through mentors, counselors, and administrative staff to make it possible. I will never forget how having support changed the outcome of my success, and that experience has made me passionate about giving thanks by helping others with their academic dreams.

As a tutor, I specialize in working with students from kindergarten through 8th grade. My tutoring approach is a combination of demonstration and facilitation. I believe it is very important to provide examples, demonstrate strategies and approaches, and ask students questions to guide them to finding answers themselves. I believe in helping students realize how interconnected their learning is with practical things they do daily, and I use a positive attitude and skill in relating to my students to provide a space where students feel that they have my thorough support. I want them to feel safe to explore new material and make mistakes so that they can grow as students and individuals. I am always excited to congratulate students as they achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

Ultimately, my goal is to earn a master’s in counseling and guidance, and, in addition to tutoring, I am a Wellness Center liaison for the Santa Clara County Office of Education. My area of focus there is supporting social emotional learning frameworks that students need to thrive in school and in their communities, encouraging student voices through youth advisory groups, and navigating students to needed support services. Through working with youth, I have grown to be more patient and be a better listener.

In my free time, I am a sports enthusiast, and I enjoy hiking and spending time with dogs.

Subjects Tutored:

K-12 Private School Interview, Writing Sample, and Applications
Academic Algebra 1
Academic K-8
Academic Study Skills


Happy Parents and Students

 My child's tutor is very good at finding creative ways to engage the student and reinforce learning ideas. She also has been very good at working with parents to determine areas of focus. AJ is a very professional operation. They did a good job of matching a tutor to our student.   Read what others are saying

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