Dom Locantore

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

I’ve always enjoyed the academic environment, whether I was studying at my small high school on quiet Cape Cod, tutoring at the busy Bridgewater State University in the suburbs of Massachusetts, or working as a research assistant at the exceptional Stanford University. I have a particular love of the social sciences, and received my Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. I studied, tutored, and worked alongside first-generation students, students with some education in their family, and students who come from a long academic legacy. No matter their background, level of achievement, or career goals, their successes always reflected on their faces in the most luminous way. It was the kind of energy that said, undeniably and without words, “I can.” The joy of seeing this incredible kind of empowerment, as well as having experienced it myself, is what led me to pursue teaching as a vocation.

Schooling provides a foundation for professional and personal success by opening the door to opportunity and reinforcing healthy and productive habits. My education in psychology has taught me to take a holistic and science-based approach to teaching. I utilize and teach psychological principles of learning to my students to ensure that they study effectively. I also emphasize the impact of cognitive factors on learning, such as attention, cognitive load, mental fatigue, and mental models, to help students maximize their work time and minimize unhealthy habits that harm their wellness and academic achievement. I am mindful of the diverse range of expressions of human psychology, as well as the often-invisible influences of identity and culture on learning.

I have tutored in the biological, social, and quantitative sciences, and I have worked with students across the achievement spectrum. In every case, I work closely with each student to identify their individual needs, addressing areas for improvement and developing a clear roadmap with concrete subgoals to help them execute on their long-term objectives. I work to instill skills and habits that will carry throughout their academic career, as well as serve them in managing their daily responsibilities.

Tests are a significant part of schooling, and are daunting for individuals of any grade level. I have seen extremely hardworking students get tripped up by test-taking anxiety, time and time again. High school in particular can be an intensely stressful time, with term exams and the SAT determining, in-part, what possibilities are available to students after graduation. Whether I’m working with academic students or coaching a student through their SAT preparation, I teach students effective test-taking strategies and anxiety management to help them regain a sense of control, allowing them to tackle exam questions with clarity and confidence.

When I’m not tutoring, I enjoy practicing my digital art skills, trying out new recipes, and exploring the abundant beauty and culture of the Bay Area!

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Geometry
Academic Psychology
AP Psychology


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