Finn Laubscher

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

I graduated from UC San Diego, where I double majored in history and literature/writing and minored in classical studies. However, I have always been keenly interested in every facet of how the world works, from social psychology, to marine biology, to television history. I believe that STEM and the humanities are not diametrically opposed and that every field of study is richer when complemented by the knowledge and skill sets of others. 

I loved my high school science and math classes for the same reasons I loved my literature and history courses; all of these subjects call for critical thinking and puzzle-solving. Seeing my readings as clues to a treasure hunt for greater patterns and truths ignited my passion for history and literature. I understand that these subjects can seem dry or lifeless to students, but history and literature are both living, breathing things. They require consideration of multiple points of view and they teach us how to identify and make arguments. They open our eyes to new ways of seeing the past, experiencing the present, and conceptualizing the future.

Throughout college, I found myself drawn to mentoring. One quarter, I led a workshop group for the introductory fiction-writing course, and at my student film organization, I mentored interns creating short films. My favorite position was as an academic mentor for an analytical writing course. I worked with fourteen students for two quarters, meeting with them one-on-one every week. I love the one-on-one format because it allows me to get to know each student individually and adjust my tutoring strategies to their different learning styles. Everybody learns differently, and everybody has the potential to succeed in every subject. Sometimes, all it takes is a different approach.

I have always had a bit of a knack for school and for standardized testing, and I have always leaped at any chance to help friends with dreaded essays and history lessons. Now, I am glad to bring both my toolbox of strategies and my love of learning to help my students find what works best for them and succeed, whether in their academic or test preparation pursuits.

Outside of tutoring, I draw, write, make films, design video games, and consume media from reality television to psychological horror films to Russian realist novels.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic English
Academic K-8
Academic US History
Academic World History
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
AP US History
AP World History




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