Jennifer Trainor

College Counselor

I have a PhD in education from UC Berkeley and 30 years of college teaching experience, from Stanford to the University of Pittsburgh to SF State. My favorite class to teach is first-year writing, helping students discover their academic voice and purpose.

I know how stressful, but also rewarding, the college journey can be. I have a deep knowledge of both the college application process and the landscape of higher education. More importantly, as a teacher, I understand that we all learn, think, manage time, and write differently. I’m here to find the strategies that work for each student as they embark on the college application journey.

I know that many aspects of the college application process are overwhelming and stressful. My goal is to help students find the silver lining in the process. For example, figuring out which colleges are a fit for them gives students a chance to think more concretely about their future and their goals; finding a strategy to manage their time and workflow will serve them as they move toward the independence that college brings; writing application essays will result in essays that they feel proud of and that reflect the real them. Going through the writing process is a chance for students to learn new writing techniques, find their voice, and discover more about who they are.

When I’m not working, I volunteer with Pets-in-Need, so I often have a roomful of foster kittens to play with. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading, and watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

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