Karen Pankaew

Academic & Test Prep Tutor

I am a passionate explorer: whether the natural world, the adaptive body, or the creative mind, I want to discover its principles. This drive was evident from an early age.  My loan limits at the library were maxed out each week, and my mother despaired of having spotless school clothes for me as my expeditions in the neighborhood hills regularly resulted in rips and stains. This same zeal allowed me to thrive academically. I studied cognitive science at the University of California, Berkeley, and completed graduate work in marriage and family therapy. Almost two decades later, my curiosity for the marine environment led to further graduate work in oceanography and a master’s degree in biology.

Each journey, compelled by my desire to find understanding, has resulted in tremendous growth and a closer connection to the world around me. When facilitating anger management therapy sessions, I found my strength through support systems. I recognized that the environment needs similar assistance from us while researching alternative fuels and procuring Stanford University’s first hybrid buses. Later, focusing on the interconnectedness of all living systems, I investigated anthropogenic impacts on sea turtles and participated in conservation work on Florida’s coastline. Still staying close to nature, I endeavored to bond passengers with wind and water as a captain for sailing cruises in the Gulf of Mexico. I took my adventures into classrooms as well and taught aspiring health professionals some of the basic mysteries of the human body.

This freedom for exploration and inquisitiveness is everyone’s birthright, and I want to help facilitate it in every student. Wherever my personal and professional paths have taken me, I always teach and tutor concurrently. I relish crafting personalized lessons and experiences to inspire every individual to find their strengths, passions, and skills. Simultaneously, I utilize my awareness of differences and constants in cognition and development to gently lead students toward established effective strategies.

With the vigor of standardized tests and competitive academics, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and detached. My nature is to patiently support students and keep them engaged in their learning journey. I apply analogies from their own interests and extracurricular activities to help material become relevant. This also creates more durable memories for exams. As a guide, I strive to lead students towards life-long learning skills.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Biology
Academic Chemistry
Academic Environmental Science
Academic Geometry
Academic Study Skills
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science




Happy Parents and Students

 The most helpful part was how my tutor was able to explain all the math/physics concepts that I didn't understand in class. Which boosted by knowledge on the topics as well as my performance in school.   Read what others are saying

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