Katie Simoneau

Menlo Park (Tutoring Center) Office Manager

Growing up in the rolling hills of the central coast of California drives home how delightfully diverse our great state is. From sandy beaches, jagged mountain tops, and fertile farmlands, I was spoiled with beauty. Most of my time as a child was spent musically, whittling away the hours singing and performing with instruments. After completing an A.A. degree in jazz studies from Cuesta College, I moved to the Bay Area to further my studies in music education.

After spending several years teaching early childhood music classes, I have gained an excellent sense for how incredibly critical it is to approach a child’s education comprehensively. Our students deserve nothing less than our full potential. I believe that here at AJ, we have the chance to help every child overcome great challenges and reach the highest peaks of achievement. It’s wonderful to be around people who care so incredibly deeply!

In my off hours, I can be found playing a variety of instruments, drawing up delightful doodles, and walking my goofy German shepherd. Periodically, you may find me out in the world, performing with some of my favorite musicians.

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