Leanne James

Academic Tutor

I have had a passion for STEM subjects ever since I can remember. As I child, I loved to watch episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy. In school, my high school biology teacher truly ignited a passion in me for the subject. It was so awe inspiring to figure out the intricacies of animal physiology, something that had always interested me as a child. My love of science deepened even further when I had an inspiring chemistry professor freshman year of college. I found learning about chemical reactions fascinating, and I loved performing experiments in lab. The experience made the class, and science, come alive for me.

Because I am so passionate about STEM subjects, when I went to college, I decided that was what I had to study. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering from Santa Clara University and minored in Computer Science and Engineering. I am a true Bay Area native: I was born in Palo Alto and raised in Los Altos. I the Bay Area is an amazing place to live, which is why I decided to stay in this wonderful area.

It has been an absolute pleasure being able to share my love of science and learning with my students. I always knew that I wanted to help support others in their learning, so I began tutoring when I was in high school. I worked as a peer tutor for math and biology, helping underclassmen while I was an upperclassman. Through this role, I learned how to share my knowledge effectively and provide explanations tailored to students’ questions. I also volunteered as a leader and mentor at Menlo Church for three years, guiding a group of elementary-aged children. This experience helped me hone my patience and ability to keep kids focused.

Before starting my position at AJ, I worked as an elementary school tutor at Star Academics in Milpitas, where I supported second and third graders in math and language arts. This experience taught me valuable skills in keeping students engaged and interested in learning, as well as effective time management. Through my educational journey, I’ve come to realize that everyone is capable of learning anything they set their minds to, and that everyone has their own unique way of learning best. I absolutely love tutoring, and want to help my students achieve whatever their academic goals are.

Outside of tutoring, I enjoy a variety of hobbies and activities such as attending concerts. (I went to see Bad Bunny!) I also enjoy playing video games (especially Animal Crossing), trying new foods, going to the beach, knitting, drawing, and practicing yoga.




Subjects Tutored:

Academic Biology
Academic Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Chemistry


Happy Parents and Students

 She really takes time for me to get to understand the material. I also feel like she actually remembers what we have been going over and she cares.   Read what others are saying

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