Lee Miller

Director of Client Services

I grew up here on the Peninsula and lived in Vancouver while earning my BA in History at UBC, ultimately drawn back by warm weather, family ties, and a deep affinity for our vibrant, diverse California culture.

Raised in a family of educators (and married into one as well), I have a passion for new ideas in education and a strong desire to find better ways help students learn. As a professional tutor for the past five years, I’ve helped students of all kinds face daunting challenges and achieve great results on standardized tests and in a variety of academic subjects. I love helping each student and family find their own best strategy for success.

In my free time I write and produce music, cook new recipes, and nerd out on science fiction, dinosaurs, Jane Austen, and just about everything else. I live in Redwood City with my wife, our two kids, and a flock of chickens.

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