Liam Dodson

Academic Tutor

History has always been a passion of mine, yet it was not until college that I really understood why the topic always held such a sway over me. At the core of history — and really all the humanities — is the ambiguous nature of humanity. This is not to say that everything is subjective, but rather that human society and culture are inherently unstable. History offers that important opportunity to exercise the part of the brain that is willing to engage with questions from a place of ambiguity — a unique courage to put one’s own beliefs on trial. While math is important — as inscribed at the doors of Plato’s Academy “let no one ignorant of geometry enter” — that is only a part of understanding our world.

I graduated from Sacramento State University with a MA in history. During my MA program I was a graduate intern at the California State Archive where I was responsible for serving on the reference desk and aiding in the archival process of preserving California’s wonderful history. At the same time, I assisted the curator at the California State Railroad Museum to research the provenance of items within the collection to promote diverse voices. In every project I undertake, my aim is to promote both access to and understanding of history to the larger public.

My tutoring focuses on two goals: first, to provide students with the tools to draw their own conclusions on historical topics using critical thinking skills, and second, to promote a passionate curiosity about how the past relates to the present. I let the student’s passions guide the lesson as much as possible to engender that spirit of discovery about the past. To foster success, I aim at creating a collaborative learning environment between parents, student, and tutor. Ultimately, I am here to provide a service the goals of which are set by parents and bound by the student’s interest. My duty is to try and surpass the goals by expanding a student’s interest in the subject.

Outside of work, I constantly read a range of subjects, from philosophy to Latin. I am also fond of building and repairing things: my current project is a strip wood canoe that I plan to take on a camping trip.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic English
Academic European History
Academic Study Skills
Academic US History
Academic World History
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
AP European History
AP US History
AP World History


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