Melanie Harra

Academic Tutor

I am a San Francisco local with a passion for teaching and English. I attended John O’Connell High School, where I learned the construction trade alongside traditional subjects. There, I found my academic stride after a difficult time in middle school. Support from my dedicated high school teachers resulted in me not only excelling in my own work, but also setting aside time to support my peers: I was given opportunities to tutor my fellow students in my math and architecture classes. I discovered my passion for English and literature in my AP English courses, and I spent years working for a poetry organization, where I ran workshops, wrote original work, and edited my fellow poets’ pieces. My career path in teaching was formed through these experiences: I learned how to have a positive and helpful impact on others, and I developed a passion for helping them find joy in learning. 

I graduated from UCSC with bachelor’s degrees in English and art. The intensity of writing my senior thesis sparked a desire for higher education, and I continued my education in the Master of English Literature program at SFSU while working as a TA for an undergraduate literature course. 

At AJ Tutoring, I enjoy helping high school English students develop their writing and analytical skills, and working with elementary and middle school students to lay strong foundations in their Language Arts and math courses while developing a passion for learning. My rigorous academic career sharpened my time management and study skills, and I believe that these skills are important in every subject and for students of all ages. Accordingly, I work with my students to master not only their class material but also how to study. No matter what subject I’m teaching, my teaching philosophy revolves around developing a growth mindset in my students. Doing is the best way to learn, but adding self confidence makes the process faster and more rewarding. I love to inspire students to cultivate their own passions in academia and believe in themselves, and I strive to make learning a fun experience that is balanced with hard work.

Outside of tutoring, I love to go for hikes, spend time with dogs, and play video games.

Subjects Tutored:

College Application Essays
K-12 Private School Interview, Writing Sample, and Applications
Academic English
Academic K-8
Academic Study Skills
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition




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