Nicholas Selby

Academic Tutor

After growing up in Saratoga, CA, and attending Saratoga High, I attended Cornell University, graduating with a B.S. in biology with a concentration in microbiology. I fell in love with biology back in elementary school, and throughout school I found myself diving deeper into the material beyond what my textbooks covered. I’ve cultivated this passion for learning throughout my studies, and hope to foster a similar thirst for knowledge in my students. 

Throughout high school and college, I had many opportunities to work as both a teacher’s assistant and as a tutor. I found that I enjoy helping students explore concepts they find challenging and make the connections that help them develop deeper understandings, and deeper appreciations, for the subject matter. During my experiences, I developed the ability to explain material in a variety of ways and to work with each student to determine what works best for them. 

Overall, I believe in a slow and thorough approach to learning, where students are able to not only memorize the material, but also explain the concepts behind it. This deeper understanding helps develop students’ confidence and critical thinking skills. It also allows them to apply their knowledge in a wider variety of contexts.

In my spare time, I enjoy gaming, anime, cooking, and reading fiction.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Chemistry
Academic Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Biology


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