Peter Athey

Academic Tutor

After growing up in the South Bay and attending Mountain View High School, I attended the University of California Merced. I received my degree in physics and wrote my senior thesis on a large scale data analysis of perovskite solar cells. During my years at UC Merced, I found that I truly loved the opportunity to help others build the fundamental understanding of the math and science behind physics so that they too can see how beautiful the field is.

Following graduation, I dove into several engineering roles that gave me the opportunity to use my knowledge of physics in practical applications. My path then led me to teaching calculus and physics to high school students, because I wanted the opportunity to help others get through the same experiences I went through in school and develop their confidence in the material they are learning. Growing up in the Bay Area, I know the high pressure environment of many local schools, and I use my experiences to minimize students’ stress while encouraging their success.

At the heart of it all, physics remains my passion, and I have a deep appreciation for the way math opens the door for us to understand physics. Whether a student is taking a class because it will look good on college applications or because they genuinely love the subject, I work with their individual goals and interests to find the best approach, for them, to the material. The one-on-one environment allows me to tackle the content and skills that they need guidance on, from effective and organized note taking to the laws of thermodynamics.

When I’m not working as a tutor, I enjoy indoor rock climbing, playing video games with my friends, and building Legos.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Calculus
Academic Physics
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Physics 1




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