Romtin Rezvani

Academic Tutor

I was born into a family heavily invested in community care, and my upbringing fostered a unique style of communication and empathy. My parents instilled in me the value of nurturing and supporting others and encouraged me to discover my own passions as I progressed through my academic journey. I found my interests in mathematics and computers, and upon completing my education at Chapman University in Orange, California, I wanted to explore opportunities that could combine my communication and mathematical skills. This journey led me to tutoring, where I found the perfect platform to channel my abilities and make a meaningful impact on students’ lives.

I took my first steps into the world of teaching as a swimming instructor during high school. I worked with students of varying ages, from K-12, and gained invaluable experience in managing small-group classes. The experience solidified my passion for teaching, and at Chapman University, I was honored to be invited by my Accelerated Calculus professor to be his student instructor for the next three years.

Throughout my tenure as a student instructor, I hosted supplemental weekly classes and office hours, and I discovered that the most successful students were those who regularly attended my office hours. Establishing a personal connection with each student allowed me to gauge their individual understanding of the material and identify potential stumbling blocks. This personalized approach enabled me to tailor my teaching methods to each student’s unique needs, facilitating their growth. 

I am an advocate of the idea that learning is most effective when it’s enjoyable. I am committed to igniting a passion for the subject matter in my students, as I firmly believe that people perform at their best when they are engaged and enthusiastic about the task at hand.

Outside of teaching, you can most likely find me at the gym or at sports outings! 

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Geometry
Academic IAC
Academic Pre-Calculus
Academic Study Skills


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